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Honey Pot Day features the convenience of mobile pumpout services.  Properly dispose of sewage without having to lift a finger, without you even having to be present.  This summer, we're educating Southern California boaters in Marina del Rey, King Harbor, Port of Los Angeles, and Port of Long Beach about proper sewage disposal and offering participants one free mobile pumpout redeemable with a local mobile pumpout company. 
Since the Program's inception in 2009, 1,879 boaters in Southern and Northern California have learned about the adverse effects of discharging sewage overboard and over 57,073 gallons of sewage (the equivalent to 16,300,000 flushes from a home toilet) were properly disposed of.
"The Honey Pot Day Program provides a much-needed education and service.  Many boaters underestimate the impact of discharging sewage directly into the marina and don't know about the resources available to help them dispose of sewage properly.  I've seen an increase in environmentally responsible boating from all of my boaters who have participated in the program." - Marina Manager
Honey Pot Day is hosted by The Bay Foundation.  It is funded by the California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways Clean Vessel Act Education Program and a Federal Clean Vessel Act grant through the Sport Fish Restoration Program.  Federal Clean Vessel Act grants are funded by your purchases of fishing equipment and motorboat fuel.

The mission of the California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways is to provide safe and convenient public access to California's waterways through leadership in promoting the public's right to safe, enjoyable, and environmentally sound recreational boating.  

Ensuring safe, enjoyable, and environmentally sound recreational boating is made possible by the installation of sewage pumpout stations throughout the State of California.  To apply for grant funding to install a sewage pumpout station at your boating facility or for funding assistance in carrying out existing pumpout maintenance, click here.  Federal law prohibits the discharge of untreated vessel sewage in all navigable U.S. waters and within the coastal three-mile territorial limit.  Efforts to control boat pollution have been addressed by increasing the number of installed pumpout and dump stations located throughout the State of California.

Looking for a pumpout station near you?  Download Pumpout Nav or reference this list.

Listed below are some additional projects the Clean Vessel Education Program carries out to reduce ocean pollution generated by boating activities. 

Pumpout Nav is a free IOS and Android app that helps you find the closest operational pumpout for your boat.  It also includes details on how to use a pumpout station, environmental risks, as well as information on regulations regarding sewage discharge.  App users can directly report if a unit is not accessible or not in working condition.  Once submitted, the report is automatically forwarded to the contacts responsible for the pumpout.



Download the iOS app.

Download the Android app.



The Southern California Boater's Guide serves as an environmental and best management practice resource for the recreational boater in Southern California.   Packaged in a comprehensive "cruising guide," this 120-page, full color, chart map size guide features all 15 coastal Southern California harbors from Santa Barbara Harbor through San Diego Bay.  The guide incorporates clean boating practices, sewage pumpout facility locations, oil recycling facilities, and includes general harbor information, tourist information, phone numbers, websites, and safety tips.


The Guide is available online, click this link to download.

Interested in receiving a paper copy?  Suggested donation: $20/guide, $100/case (20 guides)


For a hard copy, please download the order form and mail to:

The Bay Foundation

8334 Lincoln Blvd. #310
Los Angeles, CA 90045


In addition to the tides get sewage management tips, this handy pocket-sized book features a list of boat-to-boat services, marine protected area information, harbor resources, and more.

If you would like to order Tide Calendars please contact us.


Clean Vessel Education Program partners, The Bay Foundation and the San Francisco Estuary Partnership, monitor all federally funded sewage pumpout stations in California.  The monitoring program works to promote the maintenance of existing sewage pumpout facilities and expand the access to sewage pumpout services in California.  The Bay Foundation and San Francisco Estuary Partnership perform quarterly evaluations of all publicly funded sewage pumpout stations in California and offer technical assistance to facility management to ensure pumpout units are in prime working order.


Curious about local pumpout performance?  Check out the 2017 California Clean Vessel Act Pumpout Performance Report.







These guides have the information you need to find a pumpout in the San Francisco Bay or in the sloughs and rivers of the Sacramento Delta. They also house facts about the effects of sewage on our waterways and give you step by step directions on how to use a pumpout station.  Foggy on the rules and regulations regarding sewage?  This Pumpout Guide will ensure you are never left without the answers you need. This resource is great for yacht clubs and other groups cruising into the bay or delta.

Download the PDF by clicking on each image.


To order copies contact Natasha Dunn.




The Changing Tide newsletter is the quarterly publication of the California Clean Boating Network (CCBN) presented by The Bay Foundation, California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways, California Coastal Commission, and the San Francisco Estuary Partnership.  This publication is partially funded by the Division of Boating and Waterways Clean Vessel Education Program and the Federal Clean Vessel Grant Act Program.


The newsletter is dedicated to promoting clean boating practices in California by focusing on new trends in clean boating practices and environmental services for boaters.  Each issue also showcases great boating destinations throughout California.


To read past newsletters, visit The Changing Tide archive. 


To subscribe to The Changing Tide, get in touch with us today.



For more clean boating resources, please visit

California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways' website.

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